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LattePanda, a PC with Windows 10 for the internet of things

Latte Panda

In California they are inventing things to thrill technology addicts. Today I bring you the LattePanda, a PC with Windows 10 for the internet of them things. The company called Arduino has presented us this very small computer that reminds us quite a Raspberry Pi, with the peculiarity that runs Windows 10. If are familiar with this type of product modular, you’ll find enough similarities between the LattePanda, the Raspberry Pi or the Intel Edison. We tell you what LattePanda and why it has become an alternative so interesting that it becomes news.

First of all is that allows us to run the full experience of Windows 10, which is not little. This LattePanda account with a quad-core processor IIntel Atom Cherry Trail, with up to 4 GB of RAM memory and a co-processor ATMega42u4 (the name is them brought) that will allow us to have all the functions of Windows 10 available in a very small size. The version of the system operating well pre-installed in the SSD, only have to plug the device through the USB and configure Windows. On the other hand, we will need a USB keyboard and a mouse, or in the same USB port add a connector Bluetooth, that can be found on the internet at prices very low.

With regard to the screen, at the time of connect it not can run a resolution above them 1024 × 600, the limitations of the GPU are evident. Meanwhile, you already know that we can plug into a screen through the HDMI connection, or acquire a seven inch screen which is connected directly to the motherboard and the same suppliers selling. Is modular, so can add some accessories designed by and for this device, I inform you of that has with several connectors of 3 put to it. Is the price? So only $109 for the version of 2 GB of memory RAM and 32 GB of SSD in this link.

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