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Leaked images of my 5 c network Xiaomi

Xiaomi follows him and is preparing a series of devices for this beginning of the year and all of them within the number 5, Yes, my 5 continue its expansion. In this case it’s some leaked photos of the Mi 5 c and it seems that we we have another device of medium range with claims of high range thanks to its exterior finishes and internal hardware that mounts the marking device xina.

New Xiaomi model would be launched early in March this year to overcome the barrier of 300 euros to change, and clearly there are leaks of internal hardware so we can say that the processor would be Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 served with 3 GB of RAM and 64 of internal storage.

Together these processor specifications and others, we can see that the camera would be and12 MP 8 MP for the front and the rear. Xiaomi doesn’t skip patterns of good design and quality in building materials leaving the my 5 c with a metal exterior and with what looks like the finger fingerprint sensor in the front.

In short a full and level smartphone which has accustomed Xiaomi which we no doubt will get good sales figures, but in my opinion the own brand gets “sticks in the wheels” to launch so many versions of the same device as followed. It is good that the smartphone is updated to improve, but throw so many versions of the same model, I personally think that it hurts more than it helps, Mi5. Mi5c, Mi5s, Mi5… In any case soon to be more news on this new model my 5 c.

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