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Learn how to schedule thanks to Coding with Chrome, the new Google app


There are many schools that are including programming sessions so that children are able to go to learning and strengthening techniques such as his knowledge and use every day is proving indispensable in society in their curricula. But not only the little ones must learn to navigate with ease in these themes, but the elderly also. Because of this from Google just launched the app Coding with Chrome where anyone can learn easily several essential notions of programming today.

Entering a little more in detail, what Google presents under the name of Coding with Chrome is nothing more than an application or tool more than interesting providing all stakeholders a platform with which to start, and enter everything one wants, the always-interesting world of programming without the need of an internet connection. One of the aspects that I liked most is that this platform supports different programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, CoffeScript, PencilCode or Blockly.

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At this point I’d like to highlight that all code that you are capable of producing will not fall on deaf broken tests carried out on the platform, but in case of possessing different accessories such as Sphere or Lego Mindstorms, you can export the code and make it work on these getting so learning, both for self to the smallest House is much more fun and rewarding.

If you are interested in offering this tool from Google, just let know you that you can install in a way completely free through this linen to the Chrome Web Store. Once you have downloaded the plugin, just need to start it and indicate the level of the person who is to perform the task in such a way that the platform adapts to their knowledge. Sure that you will appreciate that there, when you get to work, the fact that has endowed an so visual and graphical user interfacetool.

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