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LeEco could launch first mobile chip Snapdragon 823

Once LeEco will present at the beginning of this year its model Max, the first smartphone integrating processor Snapdragon 820, on this occasion, according to some leaks, the company of the Asian country would be next to announce a new device for the end of this month, specifically in the version of Mobile World Congress in the city of Shanghai on 29 June , and to surprise, this would incorporate the new chip from Qualcomm, Snapdragon 823.

If no company is ahead you LeEco days missing, the company again became the first manufacturer to incorporate a new processor from the Americans in the world of mobile technology.

The new Snapdragon 823 incorporated some improvements with respect to the current logo of Qualcomm chip, the 820. According to the company, this chip clock speed will be increased a bit more and improve the latest GPU developed by them, the Adreno 530, which from now on will have the possibility of supporting networks category LTE 12/13.

On the other hand, some rumors indicate that this chip would have with 8GB of RAM and the ability to withstand photo of a large number of megapixel sensors.

After the success that has had the 820 last time thanks to the good results and the solution of the major problems affecting the company in the previous version, only it’s been 7 months since this system was announced. However, it seems not rare that Qualcomm was thinking about advancing the new chip to thus consolidate itself again as a leader in the development of processors this year after its current success.

Finally, there is official information about the possible presentation of leEco later this month. This is that it only remains to wait until new information or leaks about the new device appears.

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