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Lenovo is spoof of Apple in its last announcement of the Moto Z

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Lenovo, owner of the company Motorola, just of publish his last ad on the Moto Z and as many others has decided assume the challenge of compare is with Apple, although of step also has exploited to circumvent is of Cupertino. And is that if you das to the play of the video that heads this article you can see as the ad begins doing a parody of the presentation of the first iPhone.

By that then, in 2007, Steve Jobs showed that many believe was the first smartphone. However, Motorola believes that since the iPhone has only improved what the camera is concerned and that is time to offer users a mobile device really intelligent.

As we have said we are talking about Moto Z and the new bike Mods that they will serve to attach at the rear of the terminal and thus squeezing the characteristics of this new mobile device from Lenovo. Among the Mods that we find are Insta-Share Projector, Hasselblad True Zoom or JBL Sound Boost.

Honestly think that advertise a new mobile device compared with Apple and its iPhone is no doubt a mistake from the start. If Moto Z is sufficiently good and revolutionary does not have why to compare with anyone, it should be sufficient to demonstrate their potential to all those eager users find the perfect smartphone for every day.

What you seems the new ad of the Moto Z in which Lenovo is laughs of a form direct from Apple and its iPhone?.

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