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Lenovo ThinkPad x 270, will offer up to 20 hours of battery life

ThinkPad x270

Lenovo wants to specialize in the portable battlefield, those which are designed for people who must move them day if day also, users who work attached to a device as well. The main problem with this type of laptops, and the fact that professionals tend to opt for Apple as a preferred brand, is the autonomy of the battery. However, seems to be that Lenovo has since all their letters on the table for the affair and us shows a portable that goes to offer nothing less that some 20 hours of autonomy running Windows 10, will be the portable star to the respect.

This “only” 1.3 Kg laptop will come in March of the year 2017 at a price which will be around the € 900. In the technical section you will find a 12.5-inch screen, accompanied by a touch screen Full HD resolution, a normal screen Full HD or a panel with HD resolution, depending on our needs. It will be accompanied by the “i” range of Intel processors, at our option, that if only will feature integrated graphics. As for the RAM, up to 16 GB totales, at the got time you can choose between 2TB HDD storage, or on the contrary 512 GB (SSD) solid storage.

With regard to the audio, only have specified that Dolby will be responsible of this paragraph, without more details. Measure 2.3 centimeters in height, which is not little, but on the other hand, will offer connection NFC card reader, Ethernet connection, Jack, audio, HDMI, USB-c, two USBs 3.0 and connection SIM card. A madness for a laptop fully intended for workers, the design does not seem to be the key.

As extras, we will find a fingerprint reader and a webcam’s 720 p maximum resolution. Manufactured in polycarbonate black us ensures resistance and portability. The reality is that seems a good choice as an alternative to demanding workers.

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