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Lenovo wants its slice of nostalgia and reviviría a Motorola classic

When Nokia announced the revival of the legendary feature phone 3310, the public of RID in praise team of USD $50 that does much more than bring memories.

That weight of nostalgia, which perhaps Classic Edition split with Nintendo and suNES moved forcefully to other markets, and is as well as other brands also want to take advantage of the new wave retro, in this case, Lenovo.

According to what was reported by Reuters, the firm, this year launched a re imagined version of the RAZR V3, the super success of sales in 2004 and 2005.


Its dual screen, keyboard futuristic, flat design, camera and thinness made him the object of desire of many and a luxury that not all could be. In addition, design clamshell phones gave that dramatic touch to end the call simply by closing the phone of a coup.

The questions that remain in the air are: would buy it you? are you interested more or less than the Nokia 3310? do enough of nostalgia? were attentive to your comments.

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