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Lenovo wants to reinvent the segment of tablets with the Book Yoga #IFA2016

Since the arrival of the iPad, to this day, few developments have emerged in the segment of the tablets, as the now popular 2-in-1, for example. But Lenovo seems to that you are giving a turn of nut with the introduction of the Book Yoga during the IFA 2016.

The Yoga Book is a different tablet, but for starters, this is what we have: a touchscreen FullHD 10.1 inch, 4GB RAM, 64GB of storage, microSD card slot and an 8MP camera. In addition, it will be available in some markets with LTE connectivity. As for the processor, it uses an Intel Atom, rather than one Intel Core m, would have to see if the performance is not affected by this decision.

Here we have the usual in tablets and equipment 2-in-1, however open cover what we assume would be the keyboard, we have a flat surface that can act as keyboard with one-touch backlit virtual and haptic feedback at the time of writing, or a flat surface for will write hand with a special pen.

According to The Verge, Lenovo leads working in this product from ago 3 years, and the result is surprising, as the team with the surface touch closed, just has a thickness of 10 mm, that is sees benefited thanks to the design metal and elegant.


As for the touchpad, uses technology from Wacom, so it is even possible to attach an ordinary sheet of paper, and write there notes while the notes are scanned at the same time. The possibilities are very broad as regards the creation of documents, schemes or drawings.

The idea of Lenovo, is that the Yoga Book is a team that can carry to all sides due to its size and weight reduced, and by them possibilities to create and consume content. In fact, there will be two models available: one with Android 6.0 (upgradeable to 7.0 in the coming months) and a layer of software of Lenovo to take advantage better multi-tasking in a 10-inch screen; and the other with Windows 10.

The Yoga Book will be available starting from October and the prices are of USD $499 for the version with Android and USD $549 for the of Windows 10. It also includes special pencil and paper, to write from day one. Although it is not the cheapest alternative for a tablet, innovations and possibilities to work with it make it really attractive.

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