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Lenovo will boost the development of new scooter Mods to 2017

The road seemed difficult, but the bike Z has been a true success commercial. The idea of bike Mods seems it has been conquering people and that has stimulated the release of new accessories, like the Hasselblad True Zoom.

Now Lenovo has confirmed that the bike Mods not are dead and them will continue to promoting to launch new products in that line during 2017. The people of Cnet is them arranged to talk with an Executive of the company, who revealed the plans for these toys the next year.

The first strategy to implement will start in January, with the launch of a campaign in Indiegogo, that will run almost in parallel with a contest for develop concepts creative of Moto Mods, between both is seeks to stimulate the adoption of these modules and ensure his future for several years.

Next to it has been already confirmed the future launch of two new Moto Mods, one to connect Moto Z to any car, and an external battery that will extend the useful life of the smartphone, as well as the people of Cnet got an attempt to list future bike Mods that could be developed:

  • A modem 5 G
  • A screen secondary to her face back
  • Reader electronic
  • A physical control for video games
  • A measuring tool
  • A control remote
  • A medium of storage external
  • A clock alarm
  • A sensor of colors for people with difficulties Visual

None of these concepts is definitive, but brand in a way clearly the picture of the future that Motorola and Lenovo have thinking for bike Mods.

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