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Lenovo will return to use Motorola as a brand

After the purchase of Motorola to Google by Lenovo, the Asian company decided to stop using the Motorola brand, a brand that had a reputation in the market that had been won in recent years. But it seems that the heads of the Asian company are considering that was a mistake, a mistake that want to try to resolve back to use the original name Motorola, instead of motorcycle by Lenovo. It can be that this movement has to do with the expectation that it has led to the resurrection of Nokia to the market with all the expectations that this supposed and that have been confirmed in the last MWC which was held this week in Barcelona.

As we can read on CNET, the idea of using the original name again is because that the company china wants to expand into other countries where still does not have presence and it is clear that the best way of doing this is through the Motorola veteran, in a way that next models that reach the market already should set aside Moto by Lenovo to call Motorola , at least in the countries where you want to begin to expand under the Motorola brand.

Currently in the United States and Brazil Motorola is a firm that has long settled while in other countries like China or Russia, it is Lenovo, thus the company does not want to make the name change quickly but that will do it way step in countries where currently has a presence. In the same interview with CNET, the President of Motorola sign that the decision to abandon the wearables world she was motivated because currently they do not pass through his Prime but have not ruled out the possibility of launching a smartwatch into the market in the coming years if the market trend changes.

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