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Lenovo ZUK has died

Remember less than two years ago when the first Zuk was launched? Several were interested, the comments were burning in jubilation, but not many actually bought it. Even in markets where it was available in an official way.

Today Lenovo has decided to put the tombstone to these, no doubt interesting teams, but they were competing without much differentiating factor in a place where the competition is stark.

The company will focus, at least when it comes to mobile, Motorola. Yes, with all their letters, Moto, Motorola. As also in some machines Lenovo brand.

But if you thought that Zuk was going to let you die so easy, you’re wrong. Your customization on Android, ZUI UI layer can reach some Motorola.

It is all our publishing desire in these markets is not dirty the beautiful Android the Motorola with that coat clean, and if it happens, is in China. Far from us, please.

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