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Less than a day to complete the purchase of the Pebble on Kickstarter


We are within the last day to complete the purchase of the Pebble on Kickstarter, and we can not miss the opportunity to warn you of this. On this occasion the already created Pebble has managed to raise the dramatic figure of 12.334.379 dollars (while I write this article) and for this reason we believe that they should be more than satisfied.

This time they also released a couple of new watches with the nickname of kickstarter edition, which are still the Time Round Pebble gold and silver finishes. These two models were released for a limited time and are no longer available, but the rest of models with the new Pebble 2 head, yet still have time to buy them.

The successes of Pebble is undoubtedly something obvious and the improvements in these versions how the heart rate sensor or the slightly larger screen (even though that is still e-ink) make this watch sales are soaring since its inception. Now the crowdfunding is coming to an end and soon they will begin to manufacture the first clocks to be sent to clients.

On the website Kickstarter will find if you access today same options that have to get one of their Pebble. The truth is that this intelligent watch already should be sold outside the crowdfunding platform how already warned in its day by the theme of being a company already more than started, but allowed them to access and nor can do anything so the best thing is to enjoy the initial prices on the web and then already will be.

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