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LG and its surprising two bets for audio: a speaker that levitates and necklace

LG Tone Studio

The devices connected and them wearables are a type of products that try to quand our life is more comfortable to enjoy of certain aspects more digital. The curious thing about any of these products, which do not focus so much on whether are nice aesthetically, but rather functional.

This is could apply perfectly to one of those two interesting products for the audio of LG that will present at the CES. The first one is the LG Tone Studio, which is precisely a collar with integrated speakers that emit music to your ears. The second is a speaker laptop that levitates.

He LG Tone Studio has 4 speakers, two of them located in the part superior and others two in the lower, that is responsible of provide an experience of audio surround when are playing a film, playing a video simply performing streaming of music.


LG has collaborated with DTS to bring a cinematic experience for the sound wherever you are with this special necklace. The idea is interesting enough to try to take that peculiar form of sound, since you must not import to be the center of attention when you go walking with the streets.

Another interesting device is LG PJ9, a portable speaker that on a base coat. A speaker without cables that floats on a basis and offers a quality audio while we were astonished and info to observe how he levitates before our.

Its capacity for float is must to them electromagnets located in the interior of the station of levitation that create an effect visual to the not touch with any surface or cable when sounds the music. It is a speaker 360 degree Omni-directional with a design inspired by the turbines. The subwoofer provides deep bass and has a range of 10 hours.

Two devices can be seen in the 2017 CES in Las Vegas.

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