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LG G5 does not meet expectations in sales


The LG G5 was released with two features well striking as are its capacity modular and that camera dual with great angular to make photos really striking. It only that occurs is that seems that the G5 not has met with them expectations released in the sales from the company.

According to The Korea Times, LG recently replaced some of their executives in charge of the mobile division, which confirms that the G5 has not come to the expectations of the company. LG has declared so open your ship logo G5 has failed to generate the expected sales, what is the reason for these changes in enforcement of the mobile division executives.

LG G5 what is your hardware has some features that powerfully the attention such as your processor Snapdragon 820, his RAM and a photograph of great quality both at the rear and in the front. But where it seems that it has not hit the mark with its modular design, as not it has been accepted in a comprehensive manner by users. Even all those “Friends” does not seem to have been a great idea, since not all users are prone to extra expenditure to improve some of the features of your new phone.

If we go to the figures that we know, the G5 has been able to distribute 2.2 million smartphones this quarter, what is 800,000 units less than the previous expectation of about 3 million Terminal. Now, the manufacturer Korean is located as the seventh manufacturer of smartphones in the world behind Samsung and Apple, more those Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Lenovo.

Also, one of them errors of the LG G5 is your battery, to the almost force to a user to purchase that module extra for load it of form complete. If modules have saved they had failed to integrate a greater capacity that it has come to the day in full, since the rest of the phone is of high quality.

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