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LG G6 image is filtered before its launch on February 26


We wanted to know if this time LG will bring a terminal of high-end that has everything what is sought in these moments and let finally experiments as modular, which on the one hand was interesting to this possible trend that was appearing with various marks talking about modules, but which finally tore off the chance to be one of the best phones of the year.

Now we have what would be the first image of the LG G6 (after these same yesterday), and it seems distance design which had the LG G5. The device is characterized by a frame in aluminium and a chamfered corners, similar to a front that would have just frames to be quite minimal. Like my MIX of Xiaomi, this phone wants to attract the attention of the user with a display of rounded corners and an surprising index screen body.

He change in the design is could understand to differentiate is of the LG G5 and its features more modular, although this there will be that confirm it, since is has difficult think a change so large of a year for another, when this tends to be rather gradually. That Yes, hope that so is, as could speak of others makes with the ship logo of LG for this year 2017.

The LG G6 could mark an interesting become for the company Korean that has designed present it the 26 of February instead of that date of the 11 of March. So will be matter of weeks to have in our hands a promising LG G6 according to mark this image.

If LG is know for take advantage of the month that will have of time before is lance the Galaxy S8 of Samsung, could begin the year with interesting sales if not disappoints in none of their components. A LG G6 that is characterized by Google Assistant.

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