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LG G6 is undergoing decommissioning in video

Since a good while ago Youtuber JerryRigEverything comes to surprise us with its dismemberment of terminals. It was that uncovered the “scandal” that such was not the Gorilla Glass 5 of Note 7, although it turned out to be a mistake, and also explained things as the structural failures of the Nexus 6 p and little sense that made iPhone 7 had no headphones port.

The company is confident with the quality of your device which invited the “manic” at its offices in New York, where they gave her two units to play.

Things that caught our attention are that the screen is not bend at the corners as it can be seen with the naked eye, is a straight cut, which would much more help that will not break in the event of a fall.

Also that space for the battery is larger than the unit itself, and that to be perforated only issued a little smoke, but No flames or explosions, while he did with metal scissors. This would indicate that batteries used by LG have some kind of fire-extinguishing, technology but that are not advertising it. This only leaves us as evidence that the displeasure of the case of Note 7 Yes served something and now the vast majority of manufacturers are taking precautions extra.

Anyway the unarmed unit corresponds to a pre-production model, so we will watch to see if the results match with a retail unit.

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