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LG G6 would have the iris scanner on the camera “all-in-one”

LG iris

LG G5, of which yesterday passed the review by these lines in another entry, it has not been that flagship that was expected. Korean manufacturer was diluted in a modular aspect that subtracted forces so that the device itself, it’s what we want to buy one, had even more power in some of its aspects as the regular battery.

Now have by front to the LG G6 of which are going knowing any that other information that, little by little, is drawing what will be the terminal. This time it seems that they will include iris scanner as the ill-fated Note 7 Samsung, owns it though the idea of LG is that it is located in the same House for what is an “all in one”.

The scanner of iris is simply other way more than authentication in a smartphone. The difference with which has the Note 7 is in its construction and size. And it is that the majority of the iris scanner tend to be located independently. This means that they may be present beside the front camera, something that differs from the idea of LG for its G6.

In LG G6 this sensor would be in the same camera “All-in-one”. This has some advantages, but the biggest is that it will save costs in making each of those terminals that will be distributed around the globe and could be the tightest in the price; a distinction important for some ships badges that now have to another great actor in scene: the Pixel.

To what we keep expectant is before the possibility of that the aspect modular is out of the equation of the G6. We need to confirm whether LG will continue to do so, or will focus on bringing a complete smartphone in general terms.

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