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LG G6 would have two different versions and the worst will be for Europe and Latin America


Yesterday we performed the live coverage of the event held by the South Korean LG in the framework of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and today jumps on the network news on the limitation that will have users in some of the countries that will comercialiar. In this case the differences is not that they are too marked, but it is clear that it will not appeal to users who have thought about doing with a new LG G6, since did something similar last year with LG G5 and rose a good stir.

But let us talk and going to the grain which is what interests us all. In this case there are three differences between models will be sold in Europe, Latin America and the rest of the countries among which is evidently United States. We started with the Quad Hi-Fi DAC which improves the sound of the device, we continue with more “important” as it is the ability of the smarphone that it will come only in the 32 GB version – leaving aside version of 64 GB – despite the fact that add microSD slot and ended up with the wireless load, that either will be added in the version European and Latin American.

Ultimately are three options which may be dispensable for many and essential for others, but this seems rather difficult to manage once the device in different countries put more “geeks” Yes will have clear lack of these three options has been launched in their devices depending on where buy you it. In 2016 it became more important to my way of seeing, and is that the processor was less potent to users that bought it the Latin America and was called LG G5 is.

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