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LG is already working on a new flexible pressure sensor


LG or more specifically Innotek, which is known to the Department of innovation within the company, has just introduced a new flexible pressure sensor that can revolutionize the world as we know it thanks to the huge number of applications that can be used. Undoubtedly one innovation more than interesting in the world of flexible electronics, technology in the working potential of Oppo, Samsung and Lenovo even companies.

Going a bit more into detail, let know you that, to date, pressure sensors had evolved into small hard surfaces of the size of a currency able to run at a fairly high speed. Basically this has been the evolution to date them, make them smaller and quick, at least until LG engineers have decided to change its structure and especially his way of operating.

LG could revolutionize the world of the wearables thanks to its flexible pressure sensor

As insurance will be thinking, thanks to the new sensor LG will get any flexible surface can be sensitive to the pressure that is is exerting on it. Something that could serve both to create a new generation of wearables such as sportswear or intelligent rehabilitation, belts, necklaces, shoes, bracelets, seats for cars able to activate certain features of the same depending on whether or not the driver is sitting in his seat…

Among the most interesting features, for example, mention that this new sensor can be bent, roll and even endure outside temperatures that can range from – 40 degrees Celsius to 80 degrees Celsius. For this it has been decided to manufacture the same polyurethane high elastic capable of measuring the level of external force over its entire surface. In testing, creating trousers for a man of about 70 kilograms, this could get to sit up to about 100,000 times without that sensor suffers any damage or variation in the measurements.

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