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LG PJ9 360-degrees, a floating speaker that we are sure you will like

LG PJ9 360-grados

LG has just unveiled its new LG PJ9 360-degrees, a bluetooth speakerphone floating that, although the concept is not really new, surely that it will serve to achieve surprise and dropping all your friends and family to show it in operation. As detail, as you can read in all them references of users that have of one, unfortunately and apparently the sound that offer not is too good.

With the new LG PJ9 360-degrees the company expects to get to revolutionize this idea by offering not only a speaker floating bluetooth, but also offer a superior listening experience, resistance to water, a fairly high autonomy and a charging system which, as it announces LG, will make the speaker does not fall to the ground because it has run out of battery.

LG PJ9 360-grados

LG PJ9 360-degrees, a floating speaker that offers quality sound and water resistance.

For get this last, is has developed a system hardware and software that works jointly for the own speaker know when is goes to stay without battery and, when this is punto de occur, descends slowly until your base to start to load is. Thanks to this action is achieved that the music is not interrupted at any time. As detail, comment you that, fully loaded, the speaker can get to play up to 10 hours of music.

According to its most interesting features, the new LG PJ9 360-degree has resistance IPX7, allowing you to submerge to a an a meter deep for 30 minutes. As the speaker itself, LG has endowed this ssystem of two passive radiarores that offer low tones and media more balanced. In this case in particular, the station works as subwoofer. If are interested in the LG PJ9 360-degrees, tell you that will be presented officially during the celebration of the CES 2017.

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