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LG recorded brands ‘Compact G6’ and ‘G6 Lite’

LG G6 represents a time of important changes for this brand, after the commercial failure of its predecessor, based on a modular proposal that simply did not have positive impact with their community. Now, missing few weeks for the revelation of the expected terminal comes a leak that seems to suggest that there will be many models in various ranges of this smartphone.

According to an exclusive report from the Dutch site GSMInfo (via GSM Arena), people of LG has just recorded a series of marks relative to the G6 LG, hinting that there could be a wide variety of models derived from the LG G6, since now we have obtained copies of the records for the names “LG G6 Lite”, “LG G6 Compact” and others :

registros lg g6

The multiple names found include Hybrid G6, G6 Fit G6 Sense, G6 Young, Forte G6 and G6 Prix. But this is not the first case of its kind, and does not mean that these models will be manufactured, since is has a history of some other marks concerning the LG G5 that went through this same process but were never distributed commercially.

However, in the few cases where if the application of these names has always happened it has been for models variants which are distributed in some specific markets, as it was the case with the LG G5 is for Latin America.

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