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LG recorded historical losses because of the G5

According to slogan PhoneArena, LG Electronics reported losses by USD $223.98 billion in the last quarter of 2016, being this efirst annual quarter where lost money in six years. The culprits, according to noted, are two: the components of vehicles and the mobile division of the company.

The LG G5, of which we have spoken extensively about the reasons for their failure was quite expensive to produce by the company and sold very little. According to analysts, LG V20 was sold in a normal way, but never to overshadow the bad results of the modular commitment, in addition, recently more had Galaxy Note 7 circling that LG V20. Certainly a bad precedent for a high range.

Anyway, LG decided to not give their results of sales of mobile, a similar strategy that took Xiaomi this fiscal year. That usually means bad news. Perhaps they don’t want to scare shareholders.

Respect to all it earlier, this is the statement official of the company:

Earnings were diminished by the G5’s weak sales and high expenses in marketing. The introduction of the next team of the G series, as well as devices aimed at the public in general in the second quarter after Mobile World Congress, hope to help widely LG Mobile market position in 2017.

About the Mobile World Congress, we know that LG will present their, they hope, Savior of the area of mobile: LG G6.

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