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LibreTorrent is a super customer open source without advertising for Android


uTorrent is the quintessential torrents files client both for PCs and for Android. Has known combine some qualities along them years, although is has seen tarnished by that advertising and search of others reasons (as is another), when are them many that them have used for its approach main, the download of torrents.,

But now it went an app that can remove a small fee of facilities, LibreTorrent. A client open source and free advertising which relies on a minimalist interface based on the language of design Material Design. It also includes a number of advanced options that you can manage all these torrents. All a success.

LibreTorrent offers support to Tor, activates DHT, LSD, uTP, uPnP, NAT-PMP, has encryption both external and internal connections and filtering by IP. These vital options are for those who are accustomed to daily download torrents, so it becomes one very interesting client.


One of its most notable features is its notification in the status bar that allows us to expand it to know the download speed and perform some quick actions to those torrents that we are downloading. Also allows turn off the app from that bar, by what is a detail that you gives more versatility at the time of be driving us with it.

I have noted that it also has options to configure the app for better performance. Since it is closed when the files are downloaded, keep the CPU activates if the download speed is reduced, to activate the download / upload when you are connected to the charger. Only are an example of all that you have available, so I leave that them discover by you themselves.

It said, an excellent client open source of torrents completely free. Simply you can ask more.

WP-Appbox: LibreTorrent (Free, Google Play) →

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