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LINE ago investment millionaire in SNOW, a clone of Snapchat

It seems that all want to be Snapchat. After see to Twitter, Facebook e Instagram implement new functions, that mimic in greater or minor measure to the popular platform, now is reveals that LINE wants to also form part of the furor, and has decided invest enough million to acquire part of the best clone of Snapchat currently: SNOW.

According to an exclusive report by TechCrunch, LINE Board would have agreed to a deal for more than $45 million to acquire 25% of SNOW, an application of photography, messaging and temporary stickers, which is virtually a clone of Snapchat, but which has gained tremendous popularity in the Asian market.


SNOW is has developed in a fashion unstoppable inside Japan, China, Korea of the South and other Nations to the South of the continent Asian, where LINE also is is positioned as an of them apps more popular, while that Facebook, Twitter and other leaders of this side of the world.

With more than 700 stickers and 30 kinds of different filters SNOW has everything to move to Snapchat’s map, however future plans of expansion of this application are still uncertain.

A point that should be noted is that both SNOW and LINE, before of this commercial deal, were part of the parent company Naver, so the investment would actually represent a refocusing of budgets between branches of a large conglomerate.

However this action leaves in clear that the priorities for the people of this consortium have changed to this class of applications that have had a boom extended thanks to Snapchat.

Download SNOW: iOS and Android. Free.

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