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LINE messaging platform launches end-to-end encryption

Line Messenger en Windos Mobile

Increasingly, the messaging applications that are opting to provide security in their communications. Telegram arrived to the market offering this type of security in written communications as well as allowing us to create secret chats that self-destruct after a time. The Facebook company premiered encryption in your Messenger WhatsApp application makes a few months, allowing users to maintain talks without that nobody else can access them. The last application that has teamed up with the fashion to protect conversations is Line, the messaging application that started strongly in the Spanish market, but gradually fell into oblivion despite innovations offering us compared to WhatsApp.

This feature was already available since the end of last year, but to be able to make use of it, both users had to have that option enabled. But from this moment it does not need to activate this option because it is already enabled by default in all users, in a way we can be quiet when we have conversations via this platform for Instant Messaging.

But if you’re not of people who worried about security, you can disable this option enabled by default. So we must look for the option Letter Sealing to disable the end-to-end encryption option and that any access to our conversations, although this should have extensive computer knowledge.

Since the arrival of Telegram to the market of the instant messaging applications which coincided with the end of advertising which was making Line on all the television channels, pôçò little users have stopped using this application and is currently still the King in his country, Japan.

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