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LISA Pathfinder shows that at last we are ready to understand the universe

LISA Pathfinder

We had to wait a couple of months to see if finally all funds used in the development and launch of LISA Pathfinder had been well spent or truly, to date, as many sources confirmed, human beings still not had developed sufficient technology to be able to detect gravitational waves. Fortunately, and from ESA have commented that the probe works perfectly and with it a new world opens with real capacity to help human beings understand the universe.

Now, this does not mean that it is all the work done, rather the reverse since LISA Pathfinder is nothing more than a test of ESA, European Space Agency, to know if the technologies employed served or had to return to the work table. After all these months of waiting, LISA Pathfinder departed for its destination a million and a half kilometers of the Earth on December 2, 2015, finally and after starting March 1, 2016, the evidence seems to be that the technology is viable and can be a new step in the creation of that promise and enormous Observatory dedicated to gravitational astronomy.

Entering a little more in detail, to achieve this they must manufacture other two satellites that work together with LISA Pathfinder so that, despite being located very far it each other, be able to of capture together variations of wavelength just a tenth of the size of an atom. Thanks to this it is able to study the holes blacks, supernovae and even know what happened in the first moments after the Big Bang.

Thanks to the success of this mission and to prove that we have the necessary technology to “listen” to the universe can tell kick off is given to the real smooth mission and with it, according to the real experts on the subject, it greatly expands our ability to understand the universe.

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