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List of smartwatches that will receive Android Wear 2.0


One of the most anticipated news of Google I/O for users of Android-based smartwatches was the presentation of Android Wear 2.0. This new version now lies solely in the hands of developers and that it will reach the market after the summer. Android Wear 2.0 offers many new features, some of them available in the Apple Watch, as it is the case of the complications that allow us to customize the field adding access to applications that we use.

Here we show a listing for the smartwatches based on Android Wear that are currently on the market running the current version. Newer models obviously if that they will receive the update, but there are others that were launched a few months, that is not yet clear whether they will receive this updateago. However, there are some models that the manufacturers themselves have already confirmed that it will not come. Other models are pending confirmation from the manufacturer, and others who should receive it (possibly) according to hardware.

As we go taking news about compatibility or not these smartwatches Android Wear 2.0 we will be updating the list so that at all times you may know if your Smartwatch will be compatible with the latest version of Android Wear that will reach the market almost in all probability once has passed the summer, at the end of September, beginning of October.


  • 3 SmartWatch: Pending confirmation.


  • LG G Watch (original): No (confirmed by LG)
  • LG G Watch a: possibly (according to the LG website)
  • LG G Watch Urbane: Possibly (according to the LG website)
  • LG G Watch Urbane 2nd gen: Yes


  • ASUS ZenWatch: possibly
  • ASUS ZenWatch 2: possibly


  • Motorcycle 360: TBC
  • Moto 360 2nd gen.: If
  • Motorcycle Sport 360: TBC


  • Fossil Q Founder: possibly


  • Samsung Gear Live: TBC

Tag Heuer:

  • Tag Heuer Connected: if confirmed by Tag.


  • Casio WSD F10: possibly


  • Huawei Watch: Yes

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