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Looks so Call of Duty: WWII, the return of the series to its roots

Call of Duty: WWI

On the fact that the Call of Duty series is not passing his Prime it is almost not necessary to speak, in fact, regular users of the FPS have chosen in this edition by direct competition such as Battlefield 1 and even with its accessory version, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, a game that went to a system somewhat more simplistic and where technical quality has much more to see in the result. Apparently, the users are preferring games less complex in the options section. As Activision has heard the prayers of users well, and during yesterday presented us with this trailer of what will be Call of Duty: WWI.

And it is exactly everything you could imagine. This game will come at the same time as everyone else, exactly on the third day of the month of November. Activision is forcing the annual release of a saga in circumstances in which absolutely no one would complain if they drag the Edition at least twelve months. The trailer, as spectacular as you could imagine, not shows no gameplay what would be multiplayer, but a few pieces of the campaign, recalling the old days of PlayStation One.

Weapons based on the second world war, and a few performances that evoke endearing memories to those who we’ve played the saga since the first of their releases. However, will it be really to height? The company did not want to show us what in the end will be the core of our time in the game, the multiplayer mode. However, what insurance won’t be weapons futuristic and jumps into the void, but not one word about the gusts, the MOABs, maps… We shall continue speculating and wait for the information that the company us of dropper.

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