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Lumingon T3 is a smartphone with night vision


Who has not wished have night vision technology on hand at any time? It is likely that we had removed more than one trouble, or not, the truth is that I cannot find you real utility right now, but no one can deny me that is interesting and fun. The Lumingon T3 is a device that, among other things, includes a camera with night vision and some finishes simply spectacular, would call the attention of any spy, military or soldier without any doubt. A device with three different cameras and brutal characteristics, as its design. We tell you what’s in your interior and exterior.

This device has a screen with 4.8-inch Super AMOLED technology neither big nor small. Of course, in the front has a series of physical buttons. The front-facing camera, has 5 megapixel with flash and zoom on the camera front, if we are not wrong. For the rear, we have a 13 Mpx sensor that records in 4 K and flash in two tones in addition to the laser focus. The third Chamber, is also back, a camera nightvision with a 4 megapixel sensorwith two flashes of infrared light that will delight those who want to take pictures in the dark, literally.

The device, in terms of connectivity, features two ports nanoSIM. But of course, something must move this 4.8-inch screen Full HD resolution and cover with Gorilla Glass. It could not be other than a processor eight cores and 64-bit performance with a clock speed of 2.2 GHz, although the provider is unknown. As it could not be otherwise, with 3 GB of RAM and 128 GB internal capacity. Running the latest version of Android and promising constant updates. Among other things, he has output HDMI and NFC, any of the functions of a high-end, high-priced device, since it will cost 750 dollars approximately, its release is expected for this month.

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