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Mac Otakara says that the next iPad not added button home


This is one of those rumors who takes commenting on Apple devices for a long time and this time seems to be the first to experience this major change in the idevice of Apple would be the new iPad.

Apple is taking part of these changes on their devices in a very progressive manner and is the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus no added physical button, it is capacitive and adds 3D Touch sensor to give that touch sensation. Actually if you look at the older iPhone models and compared to the current home button, the step towards a non-button device could be close, but what happen with the fingerprint sensor?

This is the question that is make many users of them products of Apple that come a little far the arrival of these devices without button by it complicated of add the sensor finger. But in the case of Apple some time ago that they have registered patents that make reference to this and it is that you could be added this sensor under the screen no problem, in addition to this they would have to add the 3D Touch to give a feedback to pressing and this is the only bad thing that could bring a thicker teams. Something that we don’t have clear (displaying the latest products) are willing to allow in Apple.

In any case what if it seems clear is that the typical button of the iPhone and iPad would be condemned to disappear entirely in the next generations according to the rumors of Mac Otakara. Something that on the other hand already going seeing in them products current and that while is true can result interesting for some aspects, is has that Polish a little more and replace the system current of them new iPhone 7 that already us seems good.

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