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Man marries your smartphone in Las Vegas

The degree of attachment that people may feel towards your smart phone could seem out of all proportion. Just look at some recent productions as Her to give film we live in an era in which it is possible to develop an emotional attachment to a smart device, both and to such an extent that some men are capable of contracting marriage with your smartphone.

According to a report of the own Kaspersky Lab last May 20, Aaron Chervenak, an adult male of unknown age, would have traveled to the city of Las Vegas to get married with your smart phone.

In a ceremony that complied with all the requirements of the Protocol, including the Act of putting the ring and capture the moment with a video of the wedding that has been shared via YouTube.

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Act, for some strange and aberrant, it caught the attention of Kaspersky Labs, enough to come into contact with the universities of Würzburg and Nottingham-Trent, to learn about the latest advances in their research on emotional attachment to smart devices, finding the following references is his latest experiments:

  • 37.4% of the study subjects considered your Smartphone just as important or even more than his closest friend.
  • 29.4% consider that your smart phone is as significant or more than their parents.
  • 21.2% of subjects believed that your Smartphone is more relevant than your partner.

In conclusion, the human being is a twisted body.

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