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Man suffers serious burns by sleeping next to your iPhone

It is a fact, sleep next to your telephone is not a good idea, even worse if you do it with an extension.

That learned the bad form Wiley Day, a 32-year-old man who suffered serious burns not to detach from your phone or at night.

Necklace wearing Day, a military with identification pendant-type (Dog Tag in English) we can add to the recipe.

Your collar, according to PhoneArena, it became entangled between the metal of the charger and the extension cord, causing that this turned into a ring of fire.

The electrical impact, obviously, woke him and pulled him out of his bed. Recalls have cried: “Gosh, I think I just shock”.

Not only his neck and chest were injured, also the hand that pulled the necklace. It ended with second and third degree burns and had to be three days in the hospital.

The incident happened on March 22, Wiley is already in his house and cries out his new team now, it loads it into the kitchen.


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