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Man´s Sky already has new release date


It is one of the releases more expected this 2016, but as it is often the case with these video games that promise too, just suffering delay after delay which fill the patience of most dissatisfied gamers. Something similar is happening to Not Man´s Sky. At the end of last week, everything pointed to that cross-platform for PC and PlayStation 4 game would suffer a delay, that delay has been confirmed today, but we have new release date, and it is surprisingly in August. The truth is that it is not nothing usual receive titles of this draft in August.

More specifically Not Man´s Sky will be released August 9 this year, if not suffer further delays, something for which not would put any hand in the fire. This type of production of such high draft, is a regular who suffer delays, above all because they put expectations on others who hardly vana comply, although all this contributes and to increase the hype by the possibility of playing. Seven weeks of delay, neither more nor less, almost two months will have to wait for more people who were willing to play this title.

As we have already said, it will be released simultaneously on PC and Playstation 4, nothing is known of Xbox and all indications are that he will not come. According to the producers, the reason is obvious, they want to do so much better, to have it all tied up and securely tied not to disappoint buyers the day of release. At least that is what they have said on the PlayStation Blog during this morning. A pity that we have to wait to enjoy Not Man´s Sky, but depending on the game development team you are still some aspects to Polish, they may not take it lightly.

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