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Mediatek presents its Pump Express 3, a new quick charging system


In recent months, many new models of smartphones have come with processors of Qualcomm or Exynos, but this does not mean that Mediatek has been quiet with their chips. A few hours ago he has presented its new system of fast-charging, a system that will overcome other methods of quick as the Qualcomm system load.
The new system of Mediatek is called Pump Express 3 and according to the company’s processors, permits loading of 70% of the battery in 20 minutes. These results include lower heat and make fast-charging cable usb-c.

Pump Express 3 will charge the battery directly from the C USB cable

Pump Express 3 is a new system that improves the Mediatek called Pump System. This improvement is thanks to the direct charge of the battery. In other fast-charging systems, power passes through the mobile before arriving at the battery, with the consequent expenditure of time and energy that is transformed into heat. This Pump Express 3 is solved by load direct battery which saves time, heat and energy. Or at least so implies Mediatek.

Really the exact details of testing don’t know them by what we know does not extent to which this is true or not, but it will take not know it since first processors with this fast-charging system will appear at the end of this year, so will have in the next Christmas season a mobile Pump Express 3 and check if this is really so.

If so, the truth is we could be powerful terminals, which will not only have an acceptable power but will also have a high range of normal and less heat than necessary. So, now comes to my mind the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that have a version with Mediatek and have this charging system, it could be more interesting than his version with Exynos or the iPhone 6S don’t believe?

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