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MediaTek presents new quick charging system

After the mass use of technology for fast charging on smartphones, the Taiwanese from MediaTek presented Pump Express 3.0, a new system that the company promises will charge 70% of your device in just 20 minutes.


With system Pump Express the company promises better efficiency and in addition it does not overheat the device at the time of loading, as in other similar systems. The manufacturer has pointed out during the presentation of the system this will begin to be available soon in mobile phones that have the Helium P20 processor and that soon intend to overcrowd it the rest of ranges since it will be compatible with the USB type Ctechnology, enabling them to integrate it to other processors and devices.

With this new feature, MediaTek promises significant with respect to the rapid charging system improvements that incorporate devices that assemble their processors and also leaving it above its competition.

Let us remember that Qualcomm implemented recently your system Quick Charge 3.0 which has given good results in mobile phones equipped with 820 Snapdragon processor, but apparently the Taiwanese system would be more efficient, which would make it the second fastest on the market. The throne to the fastest system for fast-charging still belongs to the Super VOOC’s OPPO, which manages to charge 100% of your smartphone battery in 15 minutes, something that has not yet been overcome.

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