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MediaTek says no to ARM devices with Windows 10

Windows RT, one of the greatest failures of Microsoft in addition to Windows Vista operating system, would return revolutionized through working set of Qualcomm and Redmond, who managed to run applications x 86 on a device with ARM processor.

As is speculated, Windows RT would return as Windows 10 Cloud, which will be able to run desktop applications, the main reason why the deceased OS for ARM devices failed.

However, the manufacturer of semiconductor, MediaTek, afraid that again the same happen with the new Microsoft bid, according to ComputerWorld. That means that, at least for now, nor it will compete with Qualcomm in the career of ARM with 10 Windows devices.

MediaTek considered risky to make inroads into a market dominated by processors x 86 with exponents such as Intel and AMD. Therefore, it is considered that your opportunity will be so limited as it did that of Intel with smartphones.

“Have been in this way before, and you’ll see”, said Finbarr Moynihan, general manager of MediaTek sales. It is worth mentioning that the company has no problems continue to produce chipsets for computers Chromebook although it is another ARM segment.

From the perspective of MediaTek, the maximum problem which stops them to dabble in the relatively new market of computer ARM is the failure of Windows RT.

Furthermore, Qualcomm does not seem to be concerned and is expected this year will put on sale the first ARM device with Windows 10 capable of running applications x 86.

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