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Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition surpasses the Lumia 950 with the last update

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition

In the last few days has been released an update of Ubuntu Phone for all devices with mobile operating system Ubuntu that improves the system, but also makes their terminals, the few that exist, to increase its portion of convergence, a convergence that is more and more present than in other terminals such as the 950 Lumia.

One of the main features of the new update, called OTA-11, is the inclusion of Aethercast, the Ubuntu Protocol for devices with technology Miracast as Chromecast. , After this update, the Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition becomes the first truly converging smartphone since well now we can activate this Protocol and connect it to your TV or screen get a desktop computer or disable and having a smartphone without losing data and configurations. We will what a real convergence.

Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition will not need a dock to connect to screens

This quality will come to other smartphones with Lumia 950 but update known as Redstone still has not come out and may even need new devices to operate. On the other hand the OTA-11 you will reach all devices, so they are also converging, but the main difference between these and Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is your hardware. Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is the most powerful smartphone on the market with Ubuntu Phone, something that makes mode desktop very loose and fast with many applications such as Google Chrome or Gimp, something that you can not easily move other devices as BQ Aquaris 4.5 Ubuntu Edition.

Unfortunately, Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition is not a terminal which everyone can easily be reached and that seems to be his only problem, though the Meizu company is increasingly present in more countries and continents so you can see more often this terminal or new terminals do you you think? what you think about the new Meizu Pro 5 Ubuntu Edition?

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