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Metalentes will make your smartphone to take better photos than a DSLR camera

Apple just share the power and reach of the camera of their devices with new videos from his campaign Shot on iPhone, it seems that there is nothing better in image quality for smartphones, but in fact there is a new lens technology that could soon exceed any previous achievement in terms of depth and image fidelity.

According to research published in the latest edition of the journal Science, a team of researchers from Harvard University have developed a new class of Metalentes (Metalenses), which could be integrated to any smartphone, with a unique Constitution capable of achieving a better spectrum to capture images with greater clarity and fidelity, to such a degree that their quality could be higher than on a professional camera DSLR.

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These lenses, made from a thin transparent, quartz layer comprising a series of nano-pillars arranged in the upper part, are able to focus the light as it passes through them, rearranging and refocusing every ray of light that crosses it to generate a better reflection of image. In an interview with the BBC, Federico Capasso, main author of this project, points out the advantages of its creation:

The quality of the images of our metalentos are actually superior to the accomplished with a professional lens. I think that it is no exaggeration to say that this is potentially revolutionary.

Some of the results in the paper published in Science claim that these lenses have even a 30% greater image sharpness compared with reference samples obtained by a laboratory microscope.

But what is most striking is processing, harmonization with the system of manufacture of smartphones and other intelligent devices, so the expectation of Capasso and his team is that this technology could eventually manage to mobile platforms.

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