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Mexican iPhone users buy better housing than the Android

Apple, and particularly its line of smartphones iPhone, represent a brand usually associated with luxury, being marked a marked penchant for spending more than others.

For Mexico, it seems that the scenario doesn’t change much, and a new study has outlined a curious relationship between the owners of these phones and the lifestyle they prefer, compared with Android users.

It turns out that real estate Properati the signing, has published the results of a recent investigation at the national level, where has analyzed the content of more than 25 thousand messages distributed through your housing search platform, discovering that iOS users prefer to spend more when it comes to search home.

For example, in the city of Mexico, Android users who looked for an apartment for rent did on an average price rental MXN $9.383 (USD $502), while iPhone users did on the MXN $9.573 (USD $512).

The difference looks minimal, but obvious change was observed in the purchase of housing. Since Android users were willing to pay an average of MXN $8.431 (USD $450) per metre square, and the iOS sought something about the MXN $10.289 (USD $551).

Lion for the States again and Jalisco was similar, with iPhone users looking for properties for sale up to 22% more expensive in price per square meter.

So the conclusion of Properati seems obvious and supported: iPhone in Mexico users prefer to spend more on a luxurious home compared to the Android.

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