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Mexico already makes the 50% of its advertising digital through smartphones

Mexico has presented a significant growth in the mobile phone industry over the past years. More or less in a direct proportion smartphones also have gained weight as an essential contact for marketing strategists. Both and to such degree that this medium already absorbs the half of them budgets destined to advertising digital.

In the framework of the third edition delMobile Advertising Day, Maria Angeles Callejo Rodriguez, Deputy Director of digital services of Telefónica Mexico revealed that of the $145,000 million invested annually in the world for digital advertising, more than 60% goes to Mobile Marketing or advertising on mobile devices.

In contrast, the panorama for Mexico would be very similar, in where more than MXN $7.5 million is would provide each year to promote products and services through devices smart, this amount is equivalent to the 50% of the budget annual invested in promotion.

Compared to recent years, the mobile marketing industry would have grown about 36% this by 2016, hoping that the figure reaches almost 40% by the end of this decade.

Callejo justifies this distribution and trend, ensuring that more than 72% of mobile users is owner of a smartphone, where about 80% of the users of mobile devices at this point would have already made at least one purchase via your smartphone.

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