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Mexico among the most laggards in mobile penetration of Latin America

While 75% of Mexican mobile users already has a smartphone, according to the latest figures from INEGI, actually the penetration of this sector would be well below the indexes presented by other Latin American countries. So Mexico would be one of the laggards in this field.

The most recent edition of the thesaurus of Ericsson Mobility says that for the third quarter of 2016 the penetration of mobile telephony in Mexico was just 90 subscribers per 100 inhabitants, which lag the country 17 points below the average of Latin America and 11 below the world average.

Thus, Mexico would surpass only Cuba, Haiti and Ecuador in its mobile penetration rate. As a reference, the world average is 101 devices per 100 inhabitants, which marks a considerable distance.

The explosive circumstances of this backlog, according to Media Telecom Policy & Law, would be the level of structural poverty in the nation, as well as the dispersion of the general population and the conditions of confinement in localities with less than 2,500 inhabitants.

Coverage will continue to be one of the main variables in this conflict, as well as the purchasing power of citizens also could affect improvement of these figures.

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