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Micro: bit is now available for everyone


Over these last few days, the BBC has started distributing its famous plate of free hardware among the main points of sale in the market to sell micro:bit to anyone who wants it. Famous free hardware plate created for 7 years British schoolchildren to learn new technologies not only in class but also outside it, but now it seems that they will not be the only ones who learn with this curious plate.

As we could know, micro:bit will have an average of 13 pounds price unit, while there are other versions of the plate. However micro:bit will not reach our homes until the month of July. Apparently even now making these plates presents problems. While micro:bit we know it for a long time, the truth is that until the last month of April has not come to British schools, delay which is due to the manufacturing and shipping of certain components. But it seems that the BBC as well as their partners are prepared to get in a little less than a month started to receive this plaque.

The BBC has created several kits with micro:bit plates

In addition, the BBC will distribute several kits with micro:bit. So a kit there will be more items as a cable microusb, a power supply or a start guide, another kit with several plates for schools or institutions that require a high number of plates and other kit that extends the number of plates up to the number of 300 units.

The truth is that SBC plates market is occupied and dominated by Raspberry Pi, but it is clear, the price is a very important factor for all and there are no exception. So it may be what catapulte to the plate of the BBC to the success those 13 pounds that costs micro:bit do you you think?

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