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Microsoft announces that Skype Wifi will cease to operate on 31 March

Skype Wifi is a tool that allows us to navigate on the internet from where we are making use of our Skyp credite to connect to access points throughout the world. This tool is ideal for work we feel the need to travel continuously and do not want to waste time searching for access points and making use of our credit card. But Microsoft has announced this application is about to stop working. The Redmond-based company has just announced that Skype Wifi will cease to operate and be available for download on March 31.

From that date, application already not will offer us information on the points of access to the internet. Skype Wifi makes use of the credit of our Skype account to pay for these services, so if you did use exclusively this function, you will be obliged to spend the remaining credit by carrying out calls to fixed or mobile anywhere in the world at affordable prices and with excellent sound quality.

According to Microsoft the company wants to build on its efforts in offering the best possible Skype experience. Most likely is that this service would not be profitable at present and no sense maintain service through an application that is not generating income, or which generates just cover maintenance costs. You have to take into account that there are more establishments that offer a free internet connection, which is no longer necessary to have to pay to be able to access internet as a few years ago.

In addition, both the App Store and Google Play we can find various applications that allow us to find facilities where we can connect to the internet for free that are near our location.

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