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Microsoft Band 3 could meet in the month of October

Band 2

Days ago the existence of a new wearable of Microsoft is listening to by the Internet Underground. This wearable called Microsoft Band 3 and some would throw the market this month. But recent and official information from Microsoft indicate that there will be no event until October.

So what quite possibly Microsoft Band 3 will look on that date, leaving room not only their development but also their manufacture, some of which doubted many. Microsoft Band 3 will be released soon. I am sure since the Band 2 model is being gradually withdrawn and in some markets has officially announced that he will not spare. On the other hand, there are several informations that suggest that Microsoft Band 3 would have an interchangeable strap. This is very possible as it would go in line with the trend that is creating Apple Watch, Fitibit or even the own Xiaomi. However, there are still elements that we know as the type of load that will have the gadget or its functions.

Microsoft Band 3 could be accompanied by more devices

You can even that aren’t Microsoft Band 3 but rather a variation of the model Band 2, a model that has the same we know but also have interchangeable straps. In any case, it seems that all of this will have to wait until October to get to know in more detail and in an official way.

During the month of October we met not only the expected Lumia 950 but also Surface Book, HoloLens, Surface Pro 4, etc… So maybe in this event we know not only the new Microsoft Band 3 (name it at the moment as well) but also to Surface AIO and even some new smartphone that we know. Thus, it appears that Microsoft unintentionally is warming up the expectation of this event do not you think?

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