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Microsoft begins to rent their new devices to companies


A year ago, Apple surprised us with a new service-oriented companies and users that consisted of the rental of new devices. This service seems that it has meant a before and an after for many users of Apple products.
And it seems that it was also striking for other companies such as Microsoft. The company of Bill Gates has created a new service which offers its new devices with updates of lifetime as well as support and training to use it in a way indefenida. This service has a monthly cost as the Apple service, but in spite of all this it may be interesting for many users and companies.

The new devices and those who are yet to come will be included in this new service from Microsoft

Currently Microsoft has not put name to this new service, but still no name no longer be interesting because it makes the user to not only have the new Microsoft devices, such as the Surface Pro 3 and 4 or the Surface Book, but it also applies to new devices that are to come, as for example the future Surface Pro 5.  In addition, the user will have training and assistance in store, something that doesn’t have all the Microsoft devices.

However the price of this new rental service it won’t be nothing cheap or affordable for users. This service minimum monthly price is 33 dollars, but for a minimum duration of 30 months and Microsoft Surface 3 Basic, which makes its price higher than buy the device directly. Nevertheless, for many people, buy and renew equipment whenever you want for a fee similar to the mobile phone is something interesting and surely they will opt for this instead of buying the devices. Pity is only destined to companies and not to the whole world, for the moment.

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