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Microsoft Flow, the rival of TWITTERFEED, already is available for all the users


Microsoft continues in its effort by “Googleizarse”, employment the term “Googleizarse” as the activity of a great company that not ceases in present services already existing, with features free, with the only intention of destroy to the competition and make is with the place that occupy. If long ago Skype Teams arrived with the intention of dethroning Slack, now Microsoft Flow, becomes fully accessible, so that the general public can already start trying these workflows and decide whether it is worth it or not worth leaving to TWITTERFEED in Exchange for the Redmond company project.

TWITTERFEED and Flow are what are known as automation platforms, in this way, we can start session linked services, and these automation platforms are responsible for performing an action that we have previously configured it.

To give you a simple idea, the TWITTERFEED platform is what a server used for when I write one of these interesting posts (capture the irony) is published automatically to my social networks, both in my Twitter and my Facebook. Thus, whenever I write a new article, I have no need to publish it manually.

Obviously, we can configure many more things, as is stored in Dropbox the attached content of our e-mails, our Tweets published on Facebook… A myriad of possibilities that will be where your imagination you scope.

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Obviously, Microsoft Flow works with all Office 365 services, as well as the classics in this kind of tools like GitHub, Slack and Facebook Pages among others. Definitely the Android application is now available, while that of iOS is expected at least until June. Free flow will be restricted to 750 monthly at 15-minute intervals executions, if we want to increase our chances we will have to pay rates that hover between five and fifteen euros.

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