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Microsoft integrated its own f.lux on Windows 10

The famous blue light emitting devices electronic and affects our vision, as well as cause insomnia, would have their days at 10 Windows, because Microsoft would be working in your own f.lux.

According to the user’s Twitter, @tfwboredom (via WinBeta), Windows 10 14915 compilation available through Windows Insider contains evidence of a feature called blue light reduction, which would be integrated into the operating system.

Present in 14915, searched to Quick Actions toggle, disabled from being accessed in rs_prerelease. Thanks Ms.

-Core (@tfwboredom) August 31, 2016

This function would be located, both in computers and mobile with Windows 10, at the bottom of the center of action, specifically in the area of switches. Similar to f.lux, it would take into account the output and the sunset to adjust the intensity of the filter.

For some reason, Microsoft decided to disable access to the blue dimmer, so it is ignored if it works now or we just want to say that it is a good thing coming new builds of Windows 10.

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