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Microsoft “is lost the boom of those smartphones” admits its CEO

In the context of the Wall Street Journal Live Conference, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, admitted that Windows Phone was not at the height of the other operating systems, Android and iOS.

Windows Phone currently occupies 1% of market share, which demonstrates the failure of the platform. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Nadella said that they currently have on the market devices that “are focused on what is going well and where is our market. Only phones that, in fact, can replace your PC, as tablets that can replace your laptop. These are categories where you still want to create.”

In the constant search by the new great category where win, Microsoft is located currently betting by the reality augmented, and their HoloLens according to the CEO of the giant of Redmond “could be the next great success, the only computer that need”. Remember that this device is comes from a headset that puts your applications and games around yours of form virtual.

You have a computer with Windows Phone? Is it better than the other operating systems? tell us why in the comments.

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