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Microsoft joins forces with Xiaomi to preinstall Skype and Office devices


In its attempt to expand their application to all ecosystems and device manufacturers, Microsoft is reaching different agreements with various manufacturers of devices to be able to preinstall Skype and Office applications. The last agreement that has just been signed is the manufacturer Xiaomi, the largest manufacturer of devices in China, both in smartphones as in tablets.

Agreements that have reached both companies are confidential. The only thing that we know of the agreement is that from September 2016 all devices that are launched to the market under the brand name Xiaomi take Skype, Office of native, more bloatware for devices, all off all software that Google is forcing manufacturers to install on their devices.

The announcement of this agreement is done through Twitter by count Hugo Barra and the Microsoft Press Department.  In addition to Vice President of Xiaomi has made the following declarations:

We are very pleased to be working closely with Microsoft in this technological collaboration. As it has been demonstrated by its agreement with Microsoft, Xiaomi is working to build long term sustainable partnerships with world leaders in technology, with the ultimate goal of providing the best experience for user to our fans.

This agreement will allow Xiaomi to offer their devices in more countries in a direct way. Xiaomi takes a while trying to expand in Europe and North America, although the threat of potential demand is very high. In recent years Microsoft has reached a number of agreements to offer native both Skype and Office with many manufacturers. The start of these agreements began with Samsung before the launch of the Samsung S6.

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