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Microsoft launches a dedicated support line for the Surface Studio

Surface Studio

Makes some weeks the boys of Redmond presentation the spectacular Surface Studio, an AIO with a PIN easy of 28 inch recliner and that is managed in its inside by it last of it last. Enjoy of them last in technology has a price, and for Microsoft this price are 3,000 dollars, price of the model’s Surface Studio more economic, that already is can book but that not will begin to send of form massive to principles of the year that comes. While not many will be users who will spend this fortune on the Surface Studio, Microsoft wants to keep happy users to do so, offering a phone’s unique support for all customers who purchase.

Buyers may be in contact with this telephone contact to resolve any problems you have with their brand-new Surface Studio, something welcomed for the early adopters, who sometimes want to enjoy the latest technology but not control it in excess. Being a new product, it is not the typical laptop touch, it is likely that many are the users who will have problems in managing the Surface Dial, one of the new accessories introduced by Microsoft in the same event.

Although availability on a regular basis of the Surface Studio will start at the beginning of the coming year, some users have already started to receive the first units to received an email an email with the phone number to be used if you have any doubt in this regard or malfunctioning.

At the moment we do not know if Microsoft will offer this spectacular AIO in more countries or if on the contrary again to limit the availability of their products, as has happened with the Surface Book, a laptop / tablet that one year after your presentation is not available in any Spanish speaking country.

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